Although beach scenery is an all-time favorite, many nomads love winter sports and searching for destinations where powdery snow, pistes, and ski lifts can be combined with community, coworking, or coliving.

We selected 7 great destinations for snow-loving nomads and all have coworking spaces around. The best season for all of the destinations is roughly December to April.

🇨🇭Grimentz & Zinal in Switzerland

Our favorite ski resort is Grimentz & Zinal. Grimentz is located in the Val d’ Anniviers, in the Lemanic region of Switzerland. This popular winter sports destination is great for downhill skiing, snowboarding, and cross-country skiing. You can be a total beginner or an advanced skier or snowboarder, the area provides slopes for all levels.

#1 Griementz in Switzerland

How to get to Grimentz

The main airport to get to Grimentz is Geneva. Other possibilities are the airports are of Zurich, Basel or Milan. The easiest way is by taking the train at Geneva Airport which departs every 30 minutes. After 2 hours, you arrive in Sierre. From there it is still a 25-km drive by either taxi (30 min, 150 Euro), or bus (2 hours, 5 Euro).


You can stay at the beautiful coliving swiss escape, which we introduced in our article 9 coliving spaces in Europe's countryside. A monthly package is 2,069 Euro during the winter months.

🇨🇭Flims, Laax & Falera in Switzerland

Where else would a company like Porsche design a ski lift other than in Switzerland? Flims, Laax, and Falera are not just famous for their lifts but in general, the winter sports infrastructure is really good.

#2 Flims, Laax & Falera in Switzerland

How to get to Flims, Laax & Falera

The closest airports are Zurich, Basel, and Friedrichshafen. From here you can go by train to Chur, which is 1:35 hours from Zurich (15 Euro), 2:20 hours from Basel, and 2:30 hours from Friedrichshafen. At Chur take the bus line 81 to Laax. The 50-minute bus trip costs 5 Euro. A taxi to from Chur to Laax would take another 30 minutes (140 Euro).


Alpean Coworking is located in Laax. You can get a 1-month coworking membership for 405 Euro.

🇫🇷 Le Brévent in France

Le Brévent provides a super close distance to the pistes, and the destination is one of the most scenic in the famous Chamonix Valley.

#3 Le Brévent in France

How to get to Chamonix

Geneva is the closest airport and 88 km away from Chamonix. Here you have daily bus connections to the valley which take 1:40 hours and cost 10 Euro. Lyon Airport is another option. From Lyon, you can take a 5-hours train (120 Euro) or a 4-hours bus (25 Euro) to reach Chamonix.


Check out The Ski Locker, just a stone’s throw away from the Aiguille du midi lift. A monthly membership is available for 330 Euro.

🇫🇷 Serre Chevalier in France

Serre Chevalier is another heaven for nomadic skiers and snowboarders of all levels.

#4 Serre Chevalier in France

How to get to Briançon

Briançon is a great spot to stay in the Serre Chevalier valley. Convenient airports are those in Turin and Grenoble. When coming from Turin take the airport shuttle to Torino Porta Susa (30 min) and jump on the train to Modane, which takes 1:20 hours when you go by TGV. The ticket price is around 80 Euro. From Modane, take the bus to Briançon Champ de Mars.
When coming from Grenoble Airport, take the 1-hour bus to Gare de Grenoble and the bus LER35 from there to Briançon Place de l’Europe (2:50 hours).


You might have seen in our article 9 coliving spaces in Europe's countryside that Cloud Citadel is located in Briançon. The price for one month's coworking membership and a private bedroom is 2,100 Euro.

🇧🇬 Bansko in Bulgaria

Bansko, at the foot of the Pirin Mountains, is the leading ski resort in Bulgaria. Modern chairlifts transport winter sports enthusiasts quickly up to the slopes on the north-east side of the Todorka mountain

#5 Bansko in Bulgaria

How to get to Bankso

The easiest way if you enter Bulgaria by plane would be to head to the airport of Sofia or Plovdiv. From Sofia Airport, the travel time will be 2 hours by car due to the new E79 highway. The price for a shared shuttle is between 15 -20 Euro. You can also take the local bus which needs 3,5 hours and costs 10 Euro.


At coworking Bansko the membership is 155 Euro for a month.

🇦🇹 Patscherkofel in Austria

Patscherkofel has been a ski resort since 1929, and 3 times the venue of the Olympic winter sports. A good city to stay in is Innsbruck.

#6 Patscherkofel in Austria

How to get to Innsbruck

Innsbruck is easily accessible by plane, train, car, or bus. With its International Airport İnnsbruck, many European airlines and charters fly to Innsbruck. Due to Europe’s railway and bus network, you can take the train or bus from almost every bigger European city. The airport is only 10 minutes' distance from the city center and has excellent public transport connections.


Raum 13 is a coworking space ideally located in the center of Innsbruck. The monthly membership starts at 290 Euro.

🇦🇩 Pal-Arinsal in Andorra

Pal-Arinsal is the second largest ski resort in Andorra, a small but stunning country between Spain and France. Pal-Arinsal is divided into 2 areas, the Pan and the Arinsal, which are connected by cable car.

#7 Pal-Arinsal in Andorra

How to get to Andorra la Vella

Andorra does not have its own airport. The best is to take a flight to Barcelona and continue by bus. Busses from the Barcelona Airport depart several times a day and take 3.5 hours (35 Euro). The travel time is similar when coming from Toulouse Airport. Busses run 3 times a day, take around 3 hours, and cost 36 Euro per person.


Have a look at Ingeni coworking space in Andorra la Vella. Their monthly membership is 260 Euro.

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