Life as a digital nomad should be fun, exciting, and filled with travel adventure, personal growth, and job opportunities. We all know about the promised and promoted advantages of this lifestyle.

On the other side, the digital nomad lifestyle can also be challenging, especially when feeling lonely after arrival in a new place. The effort to find accommodation, a place to work and new real human interactions can be overwhelming.

But there is a way to set up quicker in the new destination, for example by joining global communities that offer chapters in different countries which makes it easier for community members to meet each other and spend more quality time within communities. Here are our favorite global communities you can join as a digital nomad.

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🏡 Hivegeist

A global community with different locations in Europe's most vibrant destinations. Hivegeist is expanding to Asia, starting with a beautiful location in Bali.

#1 Photos by Hivegeist

At Hivegeist, you can be sure to be with open-minded souls that are seeking connections through coliving, curated events, and a growing nomadic community.

🚐 Kift

Imagine you live your nomadic life while discovering national parks, different nature spots, and stunning remote areas by traveling in a converted van from community to community.  

#4 Kift [1] Photo by Uriel Mont, [2] Photo by Evan Chasteen, [3] Photo by Kindel Media, [4] Photo by Pavel Danilyuk

Kift is a community of digital nomads traveling in vans and working from well-equipped community houses. Join the ride and explore Canada, the USA, and Mexico.

🏡 Nomad Stays

From comfortable to affordable to chic and unique - Nomad Stays is a platform that lists accommodations in more than 230 locations in 60 countries.

#3 Nomad Stays

Nomad Stays provides a curated list of stays and instant bookings without a request, transparent pricing, and ready-to-work accommodation.

🥰 NomadX

NomadX gives you access to real onsite communities that help local economies grow. Have an impact and meaningful experiences while traveling to sunny locations such as Portugal or Brazil.

Photos by NomadX

By joining the NomadX community, you have access to all events that are hosted in the NomadX chapters, as well as online and onsite events.

🏡 RemoteBase

RemoteBase is a free newsletter, sent to you twice a month with curated Airbnb deals. See a deal you like? Simply book through Airbnb. Members who book RemoteBase deals save an average of 48% on accommodation.

[1] Photo by Maria Orlova, [2] Photo by Alesia Kozik, [3] Photo by Taryn Elliott, [4] Photo by Maria Orlova

The RemoteBase Newsletter is free, and you receive an email 2x per month with the best deals on Airbnb.