The platform is made for digital nomads who don't want to waste time, energy, and money searching for the perfect place. Nomad Stays helps you to find and book ready-to-work accommodation from a curated list of stays that have facilities for digital nomads.

The founders Linda and Mark are serial entrepreneurs and hospitality professionals, as well as adventure motorcyclists, and world travelers. Nomad Stays is the result of their entrepreneurial experience, passion for travel in more than 100 countries to date, and love for the digital nomad lifestyle.

🌍 Locations

Nomad Stays offers accommodation deals in over 230 locations spread across 66 countries so far with new properties coming on board daily. You find stays in Spain, Bosnia Herzegovina, Uganda, Portugal, Bali, and many more countries.

On the website, you can simply choose from shortlisted properties and deals under various genres or search by location. Listings, for example, include beach life, island life, and mountain life. You can also choose based on your budget, for example with a budget limit of 500 or 1,000 USD a month.

Nomad Stays

🏡 Accommodation

Nomad Stays provides a curated list of stays with instant booking. All stays are ready to work digitally, and pricing is transparent with no hidden fees. You will find independently tested wifi speeds and pictures of a stay's working spaces as well as proximity to nearby coworking spaces.

Stays are bookable from 1 week to longer without booking limits. You should always check visa status and visa requirements for how long you are permitted in the country.

💶 Prices

Nomad Stays has a lot of deals that come and go all the time. Prices start from around 200 Euro a month to most under 1,500 Euro a month.

Nomad Stays charges their members a booking fee for securing the deal with the final payment being made directly to the accommodation.