A new platform that allows companies to give their unused desk to a worlk-member's employee. Worlk is a business-to-business solution and needs to be set up by your employer so that you - the employee - can work from worlk-member's offices around the world. The membership is paid by companies and not by employees.

Worlk means "traveling employees will be hosted by other companies to work remotely from anywhere for free" (Worlk). Worlk stands for work from anywhere in the world.

🌍 Locations

The platform aims to provide available desks in companies worldwide. As the platform just launched, there will be new and exciting destinations coming up every week.

[1] Photo by Worlk, [2] Photo by Evan Chasteen, [3] Photo by Kindel Media, [4] Photo by Worlk

🥰 Community

Meet new people around the world in an engaging work environment. The times are over when nomads work isolated from hotel rooms or empty coworking spaces. Worlk is set up to help remote workers to find productive and ready-to-work desks.

You can also find offered accommodation by the office's employees. That helps you to meet local people, who help you to get set up in your new destination with more insight tips, and personal recommendations.  

💶 Prices

Good news! Joining the platform today is still free for all companies. While we are building the community, signing up your companies will cost nothing and you will be up and running in a couple of minutes.