For digital nomads, a well-prepared kit is essential. Travel organization takes a lot of time, from visa requirements and applications to e-sim cards and accommodation deals.

This article provides some nomad travel essentials, from sim cards and wifi access to accommodation platforms and visa services. Stay adaptable and organized for a seamless journey.

🌱 Travel health insurance for nomads

Genki Exploreris a travel health insurance with worldwide cover. Monthly payment plans, and easy signup in less than 1 minute.
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🛂 Visa


iVisa is your global partner in all things visa: Tourist, business, family, retirement, or student visa - apply for your travel documents using the professional service of iVisa.

iVisa is a convenient online platform revolutionizing the visa application process. With a user-friendly interface, it offers hassle-free visa solutions for travelers worldwide.

Whether for tourism, business, or other purposes, iVisa simplifies the often complex and time-consuming visa application procedure.

The platform streamlines the application process, providing guidance, document preparation assistance, and customer support. iVisa ensures accuracy and efficiency, saving travelers valuable time and energy. With its commitment to accessibility and reliability, iVisa is a trusted ally for seamless travel experiences.

📳 Sim Cards & Internet


Are you looking for an e-sim card at an affordable price?

eSIMDB is a comprehensive online platform dedicated to eSIM technology. It offers valuable insights, reviews, and comparisons of eSIM providers and compatible devices. With a user-friendly interface, eSIMDB serves as a reliable resource for individuals seeking information and guidance on adopting eSIM technology for their mobile connectivity needs.

With eSIMDB you can easily compare different providers for your next travel destination. Pick the best for your personal needs. Easy as pie.

Wifi Map

Get access to millions of wifi hotspots worldwide including passwords and locations. Wifi Map is your all-in-one app.

WiFi Map is a versatile online tool providing users with access to a vast database of Wifi hotspots worldwide. With its intuitive interface and user-friendly features, it enables travelers to locate and connect to nearby Wifi networks effortlessly, ensuring seamless connectivity and convenient internet access on the go. Enjoy 15% off your eSIM by using the code GENKI15.

✅ Health Insurance

Genki Explorer

Genki Explorer is your worldwide travel health insurance that covers you and your family in case of emergencies as well as medically necessary treatments.

Genki Resident

Genki Resident is your international health insurance covering you and your family in every country of the world. The cover includes extensive healthcare benefits, as well as preventive care, like check-ups or vaccinations, pregnancies, and childcare, regular doctor visits, as well as emergencies.

🆒 Tax Services


As location-independent workers, one topic that can get overwhelming is the different approaches to tax structures. With Heavnn you have one tailor-made technology that suits your unique situation. Not just for single-working digital nomads but also for companies. Heavnn offers a 5% discount on any package to all Genki members.

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