Imagine you could drink any water, whether hiking in Peru, camping in Europe, or using tap water in Thailand.

Water-to-Go bottles can be filled at any tap, lake, or river, anywhere in the world, and have pure drinking water.

The filter system filters water from viruses, bacteria, parasites, heavy metals, chemicals, and pesticides. Common travel diseases such as Dysentery and Hepatitis A are no longer threats to your adventure.

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💧Filter system

Each Water-to-Go bottle has an innovative filter system that filters dangerous viruses, such as hepatitis, which most water bottles fail to remove.

Water-To-Go bottle will filter

  • Particulates including microplastics
  • Viruses including Hepatitis A, Rotavirus, Norovirus
  • Bacteria including E.Coli and Cholera
  • Protozoan Parasites including Giardia and Cryptosporidium
  • Chemicals and Pesticides including PFAS and Chlorine
  • Heavy metals including Lead, Mercury, and Chromium

Water-To-Go offers a 30% discount for Genki members.

♻️ Sustainable materials

Water-to-Go offers water bottles and filters made from sustainable dishwasher-safe bioplastic made of sugarcane. This means bottles are made from plants and not from petroleum.

One Water-to-Go bottle replaces around 400 single-use plastic bottles. That means, instead of repeatedly buying new bottles at stores, your Water-to-Go bottle can be used for 3 months or 200 liters before replacing the compostable filter.

Bioplastic water filter bottles come in handy sizes (18.5oz or 540ml) that fit in any carry-on baggage, handbags, or day bags.