Are you craving authentic connection as a solo traveler? Do you want to share travel experiences with fun and open-minded people who 'get you'? And all this while you explore the world as a remote worker?

The best experiences are those shared with others. And not just anyone - your kind of people. With WiFi Tribe, you get to travel the world with a community of curious digital nomads who share your values and vibe. Discover foreign countries and make new life-long friends (and memories!) while working on your business or in your freelance job.

🌏 Locations

Each month, the WiFi Tribe community comes together to explore new countries on 4-week-long chapters (trips). You will be coliving with a group of between 12 and 25 inspiring remote professionals, freelancers, and entrepreneurs from all around the world.

Over the last 7 years, the Tribe has explored over 60 destinations. A mix of digital nomad hotspots and more underrated gems not yet discovered by tourists. You can find their upcoming trips on their website. From Kenya in Africa, Patagonia in Argentina to Japan, from Goa in India to Scotland and Spain.

There is no set itinerary for the trips, so each experience is completely unique - tailored by the group, for the group. It's a collaboration where the weekend trips, impromptu weekday dinners, and everything in between are planned together as a community.

[1] Photo by Megan Gale, [2] Photo by Arnold Hubach, [3] Photo by Kelly Downing, [4] Photo by Dan Sloan

🥰 Community

WiFi Tribe is an intentional community that doesn't exist by accident but through a curated application process - and with about 1 in 5 applicants currently accepted in the Tribe. It's truly a community filled with remarkable people. If you want to join WiFi Tribe, send them your application, and tell them a little bit about your motivation to join. It can take up to 4 weeks to review applications.

The first round is followed by a video call and another fun interview round. After this process is completed, the team will let you know their decision within 24 hours.

The people were amazing! Everyone was a self-starter, on their game, smart and fun to be around couldn't have asked for a better group of friends" WiFi Tribe member  

💶 Prices

  • Annual membership fee: $500
  • Chapter costs start at around $1,200 per person

Prices depend on season, destination, and accommodation.