At Hivegeist, you can be sure to be with open-minded souls that are seeking connections through coliving, curated events, and a growing nomadic community.

Max and Sebastian are the founders of Hivegeist, and they put a lot of effort to build a network of global community members who meet each other in beautifully designed properties. The two ambitious men aim to make the nomad life easier so that you can focus on what is most important: making human connections.

🌍 Locations

A global community with different locations in Europe's most vibrant destinations. Hivegeist is expanding to Asia, starting with a beautiful location in Bali. Hivegeist has locations on the islands of Gran Canaria and Mallorca in Spain, Barcelona, Lisbon, and Bali.

Photos by Hivegeist

🥰 Community

Hivegeist's founders want to ensure that Hivegeist is exactly what you are looking for. They also want to make sure you fit into the Hivegeist community. Hivegeist is looking for people sharing the values of diversity, passion, openness, and kindness.

If you want to join their community, you need to apply through a short questionnaire in round 1, followed by a quick video or phone call in round 2. This application process allows you to be part of their internal booking system, check out room and apartment availabilities, and book your stays.

Hivegeist organizes regular events, including social dinners, sports activities, and nature excursions. Each month the chapter manager organizes a welcome dinner and new members receive a destination guide with hand-selected spots and an event schedule.

🏡 Accommodation

The minimum stay is one month in every city. One main reason for this minimum length of stay is that they emphasize community building. It is very hard to make new friends as an adult, and even harder within a few days. Staying for at least one month allows you to build stronger connections with your housemates.

All Hivegeist properties, the Hives, are between 150 and 300 sqm in size and are shared among 3 to 5 people. The homes are big enough to value privacy and productivity, but give room for shared social areas, for example, rooftop terrace, living room, kitchen, and workspaces.

💶 Prices & discounts

You pay only when you stay in a Hivegeist accommodation. The prices are the following:

Month single: 28-nights single basic room for 1,120 Euro
Month single: 28-nights single comfort room & ensuite bathroom for 1,400 Euro
Month double: 28-night double comfort room for 924 Euro per person (1,848 Euro per couple)