Is there a better way to meet local people than connecting on your travel journey? The world has thousands of exciting, and beautiful places. Some are in breathtaking nature, others are in a vibrant metropolis.

There is a chance in every place to meet inspiring and welcoming people. Local hosts know the best places to explore, they know tasty regional dishes and seasonal festivals. Here are our trusted platforms that offer their members the to connect locally, while traveling the world.

Adopt a backpacker

This social network is operating worldwide and connects local hosts with travelers. Skip the hotel room and stay at a local's spare room, granny flat, or vacant property.

[1] Photo by Gustavo Fring, [2] Photo by Andrea Piacquadio, [3] Photo by Bruno Cervera, [4] Photo by Andrea Piacquadio

Stay for free and pay with a contribution, for example, with babysitting gardening, cleaning, cooking, or housesitting.


Travel differently, connect globally - this is the mission of Workaway. The company dedicates its services to a global community of travelers, exchange students, and volunteers.

[1] Photo by Toa Heftiba Şinca, [2] Photo by Nishant Aneja, [3] Photo by Anna Kapustina, [4] Photo by Victoria Akvarel

Choose between a cultural exchange, working holidays, and volunteering in more than 170 countries.