This social network is operating worldwide and connects local hosts with travelers. Skip the hotel room and stay at a local's spare room, granny flat, or vacant property. You can book a stay, or meet local friends, for example, local guides, and people who want to show you around.

Stay for free and in an exchange for some hours of help, for example, with babysitting gardening, cleaning, cooking, or housesitting.

🌍 Location

Adopt a backpacker is operating worldwide, as the platform depends on travelers and local hosts. At the moment, the community is mainly located in Australia. Once you have a membership profile, you can check the listings in your travel destination.

[1] Photo by Gustavo Fring, [2] Photo by Andrea Piacquadio, [3] Photo by Bruno Cervera, [4] Photo by Andrea Piacquadio

🥰 Community

Members of Adopt a backpacker have access to a members' platform. Here you can ask questions, find travel buddies, or local guides.

In general, you can choose different types of membership. Either you are a traveler, looking for a local stay, or you are a local host who is looking to adopt a backpacker, your profile will show a little badge labeling your request.

💶 Prices

You can choose between different membership types.

3 months trial: 0 USD.
3 monthly membership: 11.90 USD
6 monthly membership: 18.99 USD
12 monthly membership: 27.99 USD