Skateboarding is a sport, but also an art, a lifestyle, and a whole culture around it. It is played for decades, casually in parking lots, and on neighborhood streets, but also as an extreme sports discipline. Although you are not bombing halfpipes and grinding down rails, skateboarding is a fun activity and comes with many health benefits.

When done leisurely, casually, and non-professionally, skateboarding is covered by most travel health insurance.

🛹 9 health benefits

Skateboarding offers a full-body workout, improves balance ability, and has positive impacts on related sports, such as surfing or snowboarding. Let's check the health benefits of skateboarding.

  1. Full-body workout
  2. Improves flexibility
  3. Increases endurance
  4. Teaches precision and coordination
  5. Practices patience
  6. Engages core muscles
  7. Fills lungs with fresh air
  8. Burns calories
  9. Skills transfer to related sports activities

Skateboarding does not just come with physical health benefits. As mentioned, skateboarding has positive impacts on mental health too.

😌 4 mental health benefits

  1. Boosts the mood
  2. Releases stress
  3. Prevents depression
  4. Encourages resilience

Our insurance expert suggests, wearing a helmet and protecting gear for knees and ankles. Besides that, have fun!

🌱 Health insurance cover

Most travel health insurance providers cover skateboarding accidents. Also, the transport costs to the hospital or to your home country are covered. Make sure that you do this activity in a non-professional manner, as a hobby or leisure activity.

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