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Inclusions are all included services, which are financially covered by the insurance company. Inclusions are benefits. The amount of cost a medical service is either fully paid by the insurance company or partially paid by the insurance company and the patient. The latter are insurance plans that include a patient's contribution, also known as the deductible.

☔️ Inclusions

The included and excluded services can vary from insurance provider to insurance provider. However, a good health insurance plan should cover the following points:

Inpatient & outpatient treatment

  • Inpatient treatment is defined as any medical treatment rendered to the insured person at a hospital in connection with any injury or illness resulting in hospitalization.
  • Outpatient treatment means a patient who is not hospitalized overnight but who visits a hospital, clinic or associated facility for diagnosis or treatment. For your health insurance plan, this means that the medically necessary treatment in health care facilities, such as hospitals is covered. If no overnight stay at the health care facility is needed, and the patient can return home (or to his/her hotel, accommodation, etc.), the medical outpatient services provided by the hospital or clinic are covered, too.

Choice of doctors

  • Inpatient or outpatient treatments are covered by any locally recognized and authorized healthcare provider. The chosen physician must have a license to operate as such.

Assistance & direct billing

  • A 24/7 hotline for emergencies and hospital stays should be included in your health insurance plan and the assistance service should guarantee and organize payments directly to the hospital. Make sure before signing up for a health insurance plan, that you fully understand the process.

Medical transport

  • In the event you need medical transport to either your home country or your accommodation in the current country, make sure the provided medical transport ensures your desired procedure.
  • Good travel health insurance plans should include the transport costs to the nearest hospital that fits the patient's medical needs. If the recovery will take a long time, the patient will be transported to his/her home country. If the patient is conscious and does not want to be transported to his/her home country, then the patient will stay in the current country. Ongoing medical treatments are covered in the current country until the the current travel health insurance ends.

Medicine & materials

  • Medically necessary medicine, remedies, and dressing material should be covered by travel health insurance plans.

Sports injuries

  • This is a tricky point and can vary between health insurance providers. The most common sports like running, swimming, cycling, or hiking are included in most health insurance plans. But, mountain biking, for example, surfing, and even scuba diving might not be covered. Before signing up for a health insurance plan, check with the provider, which activities are covered.

Emergency dental treatment

  • Emergency dental treatments are covered by your health insurance plan. But the amount of the cover and the necessity can be a tricky point. You might want to check your health insurance plan, how much the plan covers per case or year in pain relief and the necessary treatments.  

Initial mental issue treatment

  • Mental issue treatments are covered differentially by health insurance providers. Please check, if the initial outpatient treatment of mental illnesses is covered (mostly per year), and if emergency inpatient treatment of first-time mental or emotional disorders is covered too.

🚧 Exclusions

Your insurance plan can not cover every conceivable case of illness. For this reason, there are risk and benefit exclusions in every policy. Please read this part of the insurance conditions carefully.

Pre-existing conditions

  • Medical conditions that require treatments in the past or medical advice within a set amount of months before the insurance starts are not covered by most basic travel health insurance plans. Pre-existing conditions including chronic illnesses, diabetes, cancer, sleep apnea, and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) are examples of excluded from pre-conditions. However, if you are looking for a travel health insurance plan which covers a chronic illness, you should search for it and mention your pre-existing conditions before signing a health insurance plan.

Adventure & extreme sports

  • Basic health insurance plans do not cover adventure and extreme sports. These can be motorcycle and car racing, parachuting, paragliding, bungee jumping, base jumping, mountaineering (if specialized equipment is required), free climbing, and diving. Make sure, that you ask your health insurance provider beforehand if and how you can get cover for a specific type of extreme sport beforehand.

Alcohol & drugs

  • Accidents and illnesses which are caused by the use of alcohol, drugs, or similar substances are not included in health insurance plans.

Pre-existing pregnancy

  • For a pregnancy that had already arisen, knowingly and/or unknowingly, before the insurance starts the cover is restricted to acute and unforeseeable deterioration in the health of the mother or child.


  • Depending on the chosen type of health insurance plan, you can decide whether you want an all-inclusive plan or a partially paid plan. The latter includes deductibles you need to pay per case. The deductibles help to reduce the monthly subscription fee for your plan, on the other hand, they increase the amount you have to pay as a contribution per case.

Home country

  • Although you might travel the world, you might want to visit your home country from time to time. Check if your home country is covered and for how long per visit.
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🛟 Travel health insurance - Genki World Explorer

Genki offers travel health insurance for digital nomads and long-term travelers.

  • Region of cover: Worldwide. Every single country. Choose to flexibly include or exclude USA & Canada, depending on your travel.
  • Period of cover: With Genki World Explorer you are covered for up to 2 years. After 2 years, you can simply renew to a new plan.
  • Home country: Your chosen home country should be a country where you have no visa restriction and access to the national health system. However, visiting friends and family is covered for up to 42 consecutive days within 180 days.
  • Inclusions & exclusions: You are not only covered for medical emergencies but also for medically necessary treatments (ear infection, flu), initial mental health issues, and sports injuries. Pre-existing conditions and pre-existing pregnancies are not covered. Read more examples.
  • Monthly costs:  World Explorer costs you between 35,70 Euro and 128,70 Euro a month, depending on your age, the chosen deductible, and if you want to include or exclude the USA & Canada.