In today's interconnected world, borders are becoming increasingly fluid, and opportunities for international collaboration and entrepreneurship abound. Estonia, a pioneer in digital innovation, has launched an innovative solution to embrace this trend: the E-Residency program.

Estonian e-residency offers individuals from around the globe the chance to become digital residents of Estonia, granting access to a myriad of online government services and empowering entrepreneurs to establish and manage businesses from anywhere in the world. With its streamlined processes and forward-thinking approach, e-residency is revolutionizing the way we do business, offering unprecedented flexibility, accessibility, and opportunities for those who embrace it.

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💡7 Reasons to Get E-Residency

  1. Business Purposes: One of the primary reasons people apply for e-residency is to establish and manage a business remotely. E-residency allows entrepreneurs to access Estonia's digital infrastructure and conduct business operations online, such as registering a company, signing documents, and managing finances.
  2. Access to the European Union Market: Estonia is a member of the European Union (EU), and e-residency grants individuals access to the EU market. This can benefit entrepreneurs and freelancers looking to expand their business activities within the EU.
  3. Digital Nomad Lifestyle: E-residency appeals to digital nomads and location-independent professionals who value flexibility and the ability to work anywhere. With e-residency, individuals can run their businesses and access government services remotely, without the need to be physically present in Estonia.
  4. Entrepreneurial Environment: Estonia is known for its innovative and entrepreneurial environment, with a supportive ecosystem for startups and small businesses. E-residency allows individuals to tap into this ecosystem and take advantage of various resources and opportunities available in Estonia.
  5. Tax Optimization: Estonia offers a favorable tax environment for businesses, including a simplified and transparent tax system. E-residency enables entrepreneurs to benefit from Estonia's tax policies while operating their businesses internationally.
  6. Access to Financial Services: E-residency provides access to Estonian banking and financial services, which can be advantageous for managing business finances, accessing loans, and making international transactions.
  7. Global Identity: E-residency provides individuals with a secure digital identity recognized by the Estonian government and accepted in various online platforms and services worldwide. This global identity can streamline administrative processes and enhance credibility for business activities conducted online.

Overall, people apply for e-residency to leverage the digital infrastructure and opportunities offered by Estonia, whether it's for starting a business, expanding into new markets, or embracing a location-independent lifestyle.

✅ Requirements for Estonian E-Residency

  • The applicant must be at least 18 years old.
  • Background check.
  • Valid passport or other government-issued identification.
  • Digital photo.
  • Payment of the e-residency application fee.
  • A brief explanation of the reasons for applying for e-residency.
  • Mailing address for the delivery of the e-resident card (this can be a local or international address).

These are the basic requirements for obtaining an e-residency in Estonia. Keep in mind that additional documentation or steps may be required depending on individual circumstances.

☂️ International Health Insurance

Estonian e-residency does not grant access to the Estonian healthcare system. E-residency primarily provides digital identity and access to online government services, particularly for business purposes. Therefore, e-residents are not eligible for the benefits of the Estonian healthcare system, such as access to public healthcare services.

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Genki Native

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  • Region of cover: Worldwide (limited in Canada & USA).
  • Period of cover: As long as you want. Life-long if you wish. The minimum contract is 1 year with a monthly payment plan.
  • Home country: Genki Native is available for people from every country (even nomads without any legal residence). You can choose to have limited or full cover in your country of citizenship.
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  • Genki Native Premium: Genki Native Premium also covers preventive care/check-ups, plus dental, vision, maternity, mental health, and more. Genki Native Premium has no overall limit for medical costs and also includes full cover in your country of citizenship.
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