Genki members receive 20% off their first year of Yayem membership. Unlocking access to enchanting spaces for work and play around the world, curated travel experiences, and a global network of champagne nomads.

From Mexico City to New York City, Yayem membership gives you the tools needed to thrive, anywhere in the world.

🌏 Coworking around the world

Yayem membership unlocks access to exceptional coworking and social spaces around the world, including nomadic hotspots like Mexico City, Oaxaca, Cape Town, London, Lisbon, and New York. More global spaces are added daily, learn more HERE.

Photos by YAYEM

💎 Unique travel experiences

Besides growing into your new global family throughout the most trending coworking destinations, Yayem designs unique travel experiences for its members.

Upcoming experiences include a trip to Finland, a volcano trek in Guatemala, and a taste of West Africa in Senegal.

🧞‍♂️ Bespoke services

Additionally, Yayem offers its members a list of curated travel guides for different cities around the world. These city guides are available via an app.

Other professional resources include a learning hub where Yayem assists its members with hiring in a remote world, learning and development, diversity and inclusion training and much more. All members get an invitation for a one-time session with Yayem's in-house executive coach.

💙 Community

Yayem makes it easy to meet other members or stay in touch with your global family using WhatsApp groups.