Imagine enrolling your child into a school that is not limited to a physical place but gives access to a global network of world-class education. Kubrio is a place for individual learning based on the child's needs and interests.

At Kubrio, kids learn in mini-pods, a small group of children learning the same topic online. Kids stay connected with their teachers and peers.

👧🏽 👦🏼 Students

Students at Kubrio meet in their pods, a mini-digital classroom. Subjects cover mathematics, coding, art, drama, science, history, social skills, interests, and hobbies.

You can use Kubrio as a school replacement or upgrade your homeschooling. The topics can be designed by Kubrio as a package or you design your kid's personal mix of classes.

[1] Photo by Katerina Holmes, [2] Photo by Julia M Cameron, [3] Photo by Katerina Holmes, [4] Photo by Julia M Cameron

🌍 Locations

A global community of forward-thinking parents and passionate teachers. Kubrio is accessible online from any place in the world. The students will be placed in pods matching their time zones.

💶 Prices

Kubrio offers different memberships. The team plans to expand its services to 1:1-tutoring as well. Check out their website for all membership types and included services.