Imagine traveling in a converted RV camper, choosing your own route, and your own pace, and having access to well-equipped community kitchens, coworking spaces, and workout decks.

Joining Kift means living either in your own or a rented vehicle while having access to Kift's community houses.

🌎 Locations

Kift means living close to nature, and exploring remote areas while having access to a growing community of like-minded people. At the moment, Kift operates community houses on the west coast of the USA. But there are plans for expansions to neighboring states and countries.

Photos by Kift

🥰 Community

The community counts around 70+ full-time members. When joining one of the Kift community houses, community members are asked to participate and contribute. This can be done simply by hosting a potluck, joining a communal lunch, giving a morning yoga session, joining hikes, participating in exercises, or starting expanding discussions.

You can get in touch through their discord or sign up for membership through the website. The team at Kift has years of experience in hospitality, van life, and community building, so you'll be in good hands whenever you visit the community hubs. For more inspiration, have a look at their Instagram.

🏡 Community houses

The Kift community comes together in community houses. You find them on the west coast of the USA. Expansions are planned. Community houses are built near deserts, lakes, forests, valleys close to mountain ranges, or the ocean, and sometimes near cities. But in and close to nature.

The community houses are equipped with fast and reliable internet, cozy and quiet work spots, a shared kitchen stocked with plant-based basics, laundry, shower, and facilities, as well as secure parking. Additionally, the houses come with community-sourced amenities and activities, for example, bicycles, surf- or body boards, pools, firepits, yoga and workout space, dancing, and event areas.

🚐 Camper vans

You can either travel with your own camper van or get in touch with Kift to rent one. The team is happy to help you through their camper van network.

💶 Prices

The memberships vary between 425 USD, and 850 USD per month or a 30-days package membership of 995 USD. Check out their memberships.