Nomads Embassy dedicates its services to simplifying the digital nomad lifestyle. The team at Nomads Embassy simplifies the digital nomad visa application process by connecting digital nomads with top-tier, hand-selected local immigration lawyers and using its innovative and secure platform to streamline the process for both applicants and lawyers.

Nomads Embassy strives to get 20,000 digital nomad visas by 2025.

The primary services are divided into information, support, and community. The team around Nomads Embassy publishes information through online guides, ebooks, vlogs, and articles regularly.

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🥰 Community

When Brittany and Jack founded Nomads Embassy in 2020, they intended to make the life of digital nomads easier by helping people to apply for digital nomad visas in a stress-free and informative way.

Learning from their own painful mistakes, Brittany and Jack support digital nomads in finding digital nomad-friendly countries, visa structures, and long-stay solutions that are beyond the European hotspots. Their guidance reaches from the Caribbean and Pacific island nations to the north of Europe, and all the way south to Africa.

😎 Information

If you are looking for long-stays, digital nomad visa-issuing countries, or nations that are in general nomad-friendly through easy residency schemes, you find a long list of nations Nomads Embassy covers. You can even request their consulting service when moving or investing in one of the nations.

Other topics Nomads Embassy covers are digital nomad lifestyle, business, and job-related topics, as well as traveling. You find a helpful tool kit for digital nomads and if you are not a nomad yet but you would love to start your digital nomad life, you find guidance at Nomads Embassy too.