A few wanna-be astronauts, prospective scientists, and hobby tattoo artists came together as professional tech experts, data scientists, and digital marketers. We added community builders, business advisors, and developers to create a holistic health platform for long-term travelers and digital nomads.

We all share the same passion for traveling and technology. Half of the team works remotely from Latin America, Southeast Asia, and Europe. While others kept their home bases in Germany or found new ones in other parts of Europe.

[1] Arber, [2] Matteo, [3] Andreas, [4] Genki team in Lisbon

🦊 Andreas Hübbers
Insurance advisor

Andreas is Genki’s insurance expert. When he is not navigating others through the fine print jungle of insurance policies, he dreams of an adventure vacation in the Amazon. As a kid Andreas wanted to become a helicopter pilot. Today we are delighted to count this detail-oriented, smart, and curious professional colleague.

🐣 Arber Gjonaj
Front-end developer

When thinking hard, Arber starts walking in circles. Moving helps this smart wanna-be surf dude to create simple and logical solutions to build user-friendly interfaces. Nothing will stop him from designing beautiful websites, except a bowl of Tavfe Kosi, a traditional Albanian soup, he absolutely loves, and coffee. Little Arber dreamed of becoming an astronaut. His team members are over the moon that this fun and open-hearted young man stayed with them on planet earth.

🦄 Barbara Lampl
Chief operations officer

It's hard to take hold of Barbara. She is either in one of many video calls, celebrating carnival, or snorkeling along the Caribbean coast in Colombia. A workday starts with coffee, and so do team meetings. Barbara makes us laugh, and giggle. She helps our team to structure workflows, to increase efficiency, and to keep everyone's compass aligned with the vision. We are relieved that she didn't pursue a fighter pilot career. She is Genki's strong and smart sales superpower.

🐿️ Benjamin Werker
Chief technology officer & co-founder

Benjamin’s travel bucket list is filled with “eat this” and “drink that” ideas, as he loves preparing food and sharing meals with people. As a kid, he always wanted to become a programmer, and different from many of us, Benjamin became exactly what he dreamed of: Head of technology (we add: at Genki). Although he is allergic to bees, he helps his local beekeeper and loves being in nature. We describe Benjamin as smart, funny, and absolutely supportive.

[1] Marc, [2] Peter, [3] Barbara, [4] Mehrdad

🐬 Elya Weingrod
Head of human experience

Elya is hard to catch, as he is either whale diving in the Philippines, snowboarding in Japan, or dancing the night away at the African burning man. When he is not adventuring through Mexico or the Philippines, Elya is tattooing his friends as a hobby or munching tacos on a tropical beach. His team members describe him as smart, curious, and team-oriented. He has an eye for details and the big picture at the same time. We love Elya.

🐯 Marc Knaup
Chief executive nomad & co-founder

Genki would not exist without Marc, our visionary leader and chief executive nomad. As a kid, Marc dreamed of becoming an architect. His love to design, create, and build is represented in his everyday work life. You can find Marc in Hoi An (Vietnam) or Lisbon, exploring all the vegan food while dreaming of Japan. His teammates describe Marc as meticulous, and foresighted at work. Away from his screen, you might find him at festivals or hiking to the next viewpoint.

🐻‍❄️ Matteo Stefanoni
Partnerships manager

Do you know what Italians love the most? Exactly! Italy. But our Italian explorer, with roots in Venice, is too curious about the world to stay home. Matteo started his digital nomad journey in Thailand and is planning to explore Australia in a van. Thanks to his passion for travel, and people skills, Matteo is gifted to bring people together and connect Genki with bad-ass partners. Matteo would always trade his meal for an authentic Italian gourmet pizza, and he travels with his moka pot.

[1] Neville, [2] Genki team in Lisbon, [3] Elya, [4] Benjamin

🦉 Mehrdad Piroozram
Advisor & co-founder

When Mehrdad is not adventuring around San Francisco, he dedicates his professional life to helping talented tech founders grow. As a kid, he wanted to become a pilot. Today he helps tech teams reach the stars and he builds paths to make big things happen. Mehrdad is always looking for opportunities, the next potential business venture, and the best local delicatessen.

🦁 Neville Mehra
Chief marketing officer & co-founder

Born in the USA to Indian and Irish parents, Neville is currently based in sunny Valencia, Spain. As a kid, Neville dreamed of becoming a real-life Tintin or James Bond. But we at Genki are happy he chose online marketing instead. When Neville is not adjusting ads, tweaking taglines, or analyzing spreadsheets, he loves to eat (preferably Georgian kharcho, Japanese tamago nigiri, and Cambodian banana flower salad). Neville claims he makes awesome waffles. We are still investigating.

🦑 Pedro Barrento
Head of community & support

When Pedro daydreams, he imagines himself hiking in Peru or eating his way through all the different types of hummus. He is passionate about Sri Lanka, and he loves writing and film but has a strong aversion towards coffee (yes, we feel sorry for him, too!). His team members describe him as kind, open-hearted, and supportive. Pedro is a people person who does not hesitate to walk the extra mile (or 3 miles) to help his teammates and our members.

[1] Genki team in Lisbon, [2] Pedro, [3] Sarah, [4] Vadim 

🐢 Peter Jung
Head of data & co-founder

Eureka! Peter has discovered another exciting pattern in the data. It’s easy to imagine Peter in a white lab coat, experimenting with gravity (he is a physicist after all). As a kid, Peter dreamed of becoming an astronaut. Today, as head of data at Genki, Peter builds beautiful dashboards to keep us all on top of the trends and on track with our goals. Although he doesn’t wear a lab coat to work, we still think of him as a brilliant genius.

🐵 Sarah Kuhlemann
Head of content

Sarah dreamed of becoming a marine biologist, but with a fear of deep waters, she swam over to community building and content creation instead. She loves bringing people together, hosting big dinners and believes there is always enough food for a few more people. When she is not rescuing dogs or planting trees, she loves to dance the lindy hop and would trade diamonds for a Khao Soy. Her teammates describe her as kind, peaceful, and confused at times.

🐻 Vadim Raikhlin
Lead back-end developer

Although Vadim wished to become a surgeon, he traded his curiosity for organs and cells with his passion for code and data. He loves traditional Russian herring salad, called Shuba, and claims his wife makes the best (we believe him). When Vadim is not developing behind his screens, he dreams of seeing the Northern Lights and taking a holiday in the Siberian countryside. We love Vadim for his sense of humor, his team spirit, and his never-ending curiosity for the world.